Steel and aluminum foundry since 1931 

In the 1930s, Prague-based entrepreneur Ing. František Janeček became the founder of modern industry in the Týnec microregion. In Týnec he built a foundry of aluminum, steel and non-ferrous metals called Metaz, where the production of castings started in 1931.

He started production of JAWA motorcycles and MINOR passenger cars in his purchased wash house in Brodce. Ing. František Janeček laid the foundation for complete engineering production in Týnecko for the production of road motor vehicles, cars and motorcycles. This promising development was interrupted by World War II. Production at Janeček's factory in Týnec and Brodce was focused on arms production.


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METAZ Tynec a.s. participated in the major international exhibition Trako

In 2019, Metaz Tynec a.s. participated in major international exhibition Trako in Poland, an International trade fair focusing on rail transport.

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Technological investment - reduced emissions in the METAZ Týnec a.s. foundry

The company implemented the project “Reduced emissions in the METAZ Týnec a.s. foundry” project registration number: CZ.05.2.32/0.0/0.0/15_008/0001064, specific objective 2.2. Reducing emissions of stationary sources contributing to exposure of the population to above-the-limit concentrations of pollutants. This project is co-financed by the European Union - Cohesion Fund/European Regional Development Fund under the Operational Programme Environment.

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In January 2018, the Helios Orange information system was launched

In January 2018, the Helios Orange information system was launched. 

This modern system (foundry production planning system) ensures tender processes, contract management, production planning and management, product implementation monitoring, product quality control and the manufacturing process, as well as shipping and final product invoicing.

Through the “Employment” Operational Programme, the company provided further training for its employees

In 2018 through the “Employment” Operational Programme, the company provided further training for its employees, thus ensuring their professional growth throughout the entire company. The training program was in the areas of quality, production, technical preparation of production, business and controlling. These training activities were co-financed by the European Union within the POVEZ II project.

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